My name is Dann Casswell and this why I am the director of Creative Connection Animation Studio.

In university I made a name for myself creating video poetry that ended up being shown all over the world. I was a published short story writer and prepared myself for a wildly successful creative career.

It didn’t happen that way.

My first proper job was for a large entertainment corporation, over the next few years I worked in Magazine Production, Radio Production, TV Production and also for a Charity Foundation,

I did a small amount of creative work, and a lot of admin, I gave guided tours and yes, sometimes I dressed up as a bear.

By 2008 I was working in the Outreach department

One of our initiatives a two part programme that began with introductory workshops in underprivileged schools, and culminated in 1 year paid internships for the best and brightest.

At first this felt like a worthwhile thing to be doing, But I started to see that where the best and the brightest ended up was working back of house jobs making mind-numbing daytime TV.

I felt guilty that we were in effect seeking out the most creative people we could find. and putting them into positions where that creativity was surely going to go to waste.

I felt like maybe I was going to waste too.

So I left.

Creative Connection Animation Studio is dedicated to providing real writers, artists and illustrators the chance to shine in front of real clients. A chance for them to make truly creative work and be paid in the process.

My favourite days in running the animation studio are when a new artist sees their vision come to life for the first time. The day when they are able to quit their day job and then finally the day they inevitably become too expensive for us to hire.