United LINCOLNSHIRE Hostpital Trust


continuous Quality Improvement

What better way to establish a culture of CQI than with a video. Using animation to outline and explain how your company culture is changing allows everyone on the team to literally share the same vision of the future. The ability of a good script to condense time, and link facts together makes it easy to see just how even the tiniest of improvements can add up to giant leaps in quality and performance.

As a company we have made many films about this topic and feel that we have really followed the journey of CQI; from the success of British Olympic cycling teams, Marginal Gains program, through LEAN, SPRINT and PDSA (Plan Do Study Act!)

We love all of our CQI clients, because each one of them is doing everything they can to make their company, their hospital or their world a better place, one small step at a time. And every time we are invited to join them on their journey, we learn a little bit more about how to make a better and more inspiring animation.

Our favourite memory of working with ULHT on this project was that after the video production was over and we sent the original artwork to their head office, they framed it an put it on the wall. They call it their “CQI-wallpaper” and were kind enough to take a snap of it and email it over to our office.

CQI Wall.jpg