The Kings Fund – An Alternative Guide to the NHS

If you work in healthcare or the NHS, it’s likely you’ll have seen The Kings Fund animation, An Alternative Guide to the NHS. The original, created 5 years ago, was their most viewed digital communication, hitting over 2500 views a month. That was until we worked on the update last year.

The original was a tough one to follow, but working collaboratively with The Kings Fund team again we’ve managed to explain the NHS in six and a half minutes, including all the new acronyms, Simon Steven’s ever changing beard and the NHS five year forward view. After a workshop with The Kings Fund team, and a lot of discussion on how to simplify this complex topic, we decided to go down the route of a pin board. Not only are these commonly used across the NHS (you’ll see the blue versions covered with NHS leaflets and notices everywhere from GP surgery’s to hospitals), but they are a tool that is often used to process a lot of information at once (think Carries wall of crazy from Homeland). Using different coloured string and pins helped up to create a colour coordinated pin board that segmented the NHS whilst connecting it all together to show the hugely complex landscape that is the NHS, all in six and a half minutes!

The video received over 50k views in the first week, and a year on its clocked up 142k views, used in universities, inductions and training sessions and anywhere else people need to understand the structure of the NHS. The film has received huge praise from everyone involved in healthcare, and outside of it. In 2018 it won an award for Best Use of Video at the UK Public Sector Communications Awards.